When discussing Facebook as a technological innovation we came up with breakthrough because Facebook found a way to connect people across the world and share information. We also choose resourceful because Facebook has been a main source of information about events as well as news. It is useful as well as popular when it comes to networking. Which involves reaching out and connecting people across the world who share a common interest with you.

When discussing Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO and technologist words such as genius came to minds because of his ideas and how he went into creating them. He was also ambitious as well as courageous. He showed a determination in the move to move forward and expand. He also displayed a passive aggressive attitude.

The challenges that Facebook faced were financial issues as well as legality issue because the the law suit that they went through. Often times they might face some technological challenges as well as advertising.

The success of  Facebook over the years is one of the largest success stories. Facebook has expanded all over the country as well as the world. It had partnered with many other companies and even brought out Instagram. It has many investors and is a very wealthy company that gives its users lots of connections to the outside world.