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Last October 2012 Microsoft released its Windows 8. The upgraded personaalized operating system following Windows 7. Windows 8 is an operating system produced by Microsoft for use on home and business desktops, personal computers, laptops, netbooks, and media center PCs. The minimum hardware requirements is 1 GHz x-86-64 processor and the memory (RAM) that is 2GB. There also needs to be 20 GB of free space. I personally havent updated to the new microsoft 8 but i do hopeto do so in the further when i purchase a new laptop.


Over the course of the late 20th leading into the 21st century Sony has continued to update and produce PlayStation brands with upgraded technology including motion censored gaming. Sony continues to advance as they recently debuted there latest brand entitled PlayStation4. The new Playstation4 has been designed much like a PC and is believe to be a very PC system. “Sony revealed the system runs on a single-chip custom processor and utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, with a next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine powering the way.” Since the introduction of the PlayStation by Sony there has total of three core home consoles, as well as a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, as well as multiple magazines.

Recently in the technology industry Staples has announed that it will be the first major retailer to start selling 3D printers. Even though the use of 3D printers are used in industrial manufacturing this new release will bring 3D printing to peoples homes and allow them to operate it from their at their own comfort. The Cube can print items up to five-and-a-half inches tall, wide and long in 16 different colors, and it comes packaged with 25 free design templates. The cost of the printer will be $1,300.

After much anticipation Samsung has finally release the Galaxy 4. This new phone is in  competition with the Iphone 5. A lot of people like the iphone just because of the name it carries and the fact that it has a user friendly interface. There’s no question that Samsung’s devices are growing in popularity. Samsung and other device makers have pushed the envelope in terms of hardware, including the newest processors, expanding screen size, and more. But now, Samsung has upped the ante in software, thanks to advancements in Google’s Android operating system and Samsung’s device software.  

I would say yes that i have improved over the course of this semester. I believe overall presentation skills are better. When i speak in a crowd i make sure my voice is clear and i make eye contact with the audience i intend to reach out to. This course has also helped me with my time management skills. The ability to meet deadlines is a major thing in this growing society. I believe i have improved and will continue to improve over the years of presenting and meeting deadlines.

In my group I would say i need to work on getting my message across to other group members as well as have better communication outside out the group as well. So that when we get to class we’ll all be on the same page. Also i need to improve on my presentation so when its time to speak on behalf of the group i will effectively be able to get my message across to the rest of the class.

When discussing Facebook as a technological innovation we came up with breakthrough because Facebook found a way to connect people across the world and share information. We also choose resourceful because Facebook has been a main source of information about events as well as news. It is useful as well as popular when it comes to networking. Which involves reaching out and connecting people across the world who share a common interest with you.

When discussing Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO and technologist words such as genius came to minds because of his ideas and how he went into creating them. He was also ambitious as well as courageous. He showed a determination in the move to move forward and expand. He also displayed a passive aggressive attitude.

The challenges that Facebook faced were financial issues as well as legality issue because the the law suit that they went through. Often times they might face some technological challenges as well as advertising.

The success of  Facebook over the years is one of the largest success stories. Facebook has expanded all over the country as well as the world. It had partnered with many other companies and even brought out Instagram. It has many investors and is a very wealthy company that gives its users lots of connections to the outside world.