Summary: This article addressed the fact of weather kids know about online privacy and if they are following the privacy rules of being online as well as protecting their information too. I believe due to the generation we live in a lot of kids are familiar with the internet and know the dangers that come alone with it. Kids hear stories everyday about how peoples privacy gets invaded on the internet and even stories about hows its not safe. Before using the internet i believe kids take the necessary actions for their safety. No one wants to be a victim when they know they can protect their information. However a lot of parents are not familiar with the advancements in technology and for the reason aren’t able to properly monitor what they children are doing on the internet. Therefore they aren’t able to monitor them effectively. It’s up to the kids who use to the internet to make sure that their privacy is protected and that they dont give out to much information to the random people online.

Article 2:
The article expresses the thought that the internet is taking over the way we we receive news and information. People are beginning to get informed by the social media sites. The people of Mexico are using twitter to alert each other of the the drug lords in the area that may cause danger to the civilians. The police aren’t doing anything to help the people because most of them are probably accepting money from the drug lords which causes corruption in the law enforcement system. In media twitter is the main stream media outlet. Most people find out the news via twitter, by other people who have encountered something and write a tweet about it. Social media is becoming a main part of communication around the world for helping people deal with crises like floods, earthquakes and terrorism.